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Hevle (hev-le) Aviation is a full maintenance facility. We perform 50 hour, 100 hour and Annual Inspections on most all single and light twin engine airplanes. We have completed construction on our Hevle Classic and offer planes to build your own.

We have also been quite involved in assisting others to build their own experimental airplanes. Including Harmon Rockets, F-1 Rockets, Murphy Super Rebels,  many Van's airplanes (RV 4, RV 6, RV 8 and RV 9) and certainly the Bowers Fly Baby. How about your new RV 10 or Lancair IV, we can help from unpacking to final paint and test flying.

With over 27 years experience in aircraft fabrication, rebuilding, restoring and customizing, we have been able to complete many projects such as: an AT-6, Stearman, Stinson, Piper PA-11 and many others.  

All major alterations and repairs to Single engine Bonanza's Cessna's and Piper's

We have expertise in all forms of airplane construction methods including aluminum, magnesium, fiberglass, wood, tube 4130 steel and  fabric.

Within our facility we are able to weld  aluminum, stainless steel and 4130 chrome moly steel. We also have a full machine shop where we repair and custom make many parts.

Airframe and Power plant rated with inspection authorization, we are also able work on type certificated airplanes. Both of us are pilots ourselves with thousands of hours of experience.

Contact: 661-565-4328  Eric Hevle or Stacy Hevle  hevleaircraft@gmail.com   P.O. Box 21854 Bakersfield, CA 93390 USA                                

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Located in Bakersfield, California with our own paved 3000 ft. private strip. lat and long.  N 35'05.02 W 118'59.6