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Hevle Aviation has assisted builders with Van's RV's and Rockets since 1992. We have done many modifications and custom work to both the RV's and Rockets. One kit offered is a crank handle set up for the sliding canopy, which is found on the F-1 Rocket, RV-8 and RV-6. Here are a few pictures of some of the help we have provided.


F-1 Instrument panel work


F-1 Custom Paint



Harmon Rocket Finishing touches and Paint






Canopy Crank for F-1, RV-6 or RV-8 with sliding Canopy

Price List:

Crank Assembly:                                     $1599.00

Track:                                                      $499.00

Truck:                                                        $97.00

Chain, Cable and Pulley Assembly:          $399.00

Complete Assembly:                             $2500.00

Will install in your airplane for           $5000.00 complete

Canopy Installations start at $6900.00 + parts


Call or e-mail for availability. Pay via Pay Pal, Check or Money Order